Hello Malaysia! Introducing Stockbit / by Wellson Lo

Hello Malaysia! Introducing Stockbit: What you should know

Profiting from trading or investing in the stock market is not always easy. Perhaps you’ve read the “Intelligent Investor” book from Benjamin Graham, or perhaps you’ve even paid some money to learn about charting. Whichever style you adopt, there’s a lot to know and there are risks involved. So the more you know, the more tools you have at your disposal to study about the market and the companies, the better your investment decisions will be. And that’s ultimately what Stockbit is here for, to be your perfect sidekick in the stock market.

Originating from Indonesia, Stockbit is a one stop social networking platform for stock investors. We at Stockbit know that we have been of a help to the retail investment community in Indonesia, and now would like to extend our horizon to help investors in Malaysia too! Here’s a brief summary of the features to get you quickly acquainted with Stockbit:

Stockbit Malaysia



We promise new users will be able to quickly familiarise themselves with Stockbit’s base layout. Why? Because Stockbit has a user interface that’s similar to your favorite social media platforms! Post your ideas, discuss your opinions, attach your charts, $cashtag (our own version of #hashtag) your companies, tag your friends, click like on posts you appreciate, save your favourite posts and scroll through the streams for the latest going ons!  

User Profiles

Like a user? Click on their profile and follow them! Profiles are transparent on Stockbit. All users are able to see what others have posted, the number of followers they have, analyze their reputation etc This increases credibility so we are able to create and  maintain a healthy community truly interested in quality discussions.



You will be able to create your own personal watchlist and monitor all of your favourite stocks including its price movements throughout the day on the Stockbit platform.

News & Announcements

Get all the latest news & announcements from one place. Stockbit will also alert you on real time updates & official announcements on your companies right on your smartphone. Never miss an important update again.


A quick & reliable snapshot of any company’s financial metrics & performance to make a quick judgement / decision if the need arises.



Whether you are a short term trader or a long term investor, Stockbit has you covered. Stockbit offers a unique learning experience via its analytical tools. Some of its features are:


Stockbit’s Chartbit tool enables you to analyse price movement and trends using a comprehensive set of indicators including moving averages, RSI, MACD, Fibonacci, Oscillators, Ichimoku clouds and lots more. You can compare price movements between companies, save your personalised layouts and share your analysis with everyone.


Price Seasonality

You will also be able to enjoy Stockbit’s very own exclusive feature – the Seasonality tool. This unique tool will enable you to see interesting historical price pattern and trend MoM, QoQ and YoY. This feature will definitely give you a few pointers like never before.


We are also working and will continuously adding more unique and interesting features into the platform.  


Hopefully all of the above is getting you excited! The next step to join is to simply go to https://stockbit.com/ for the web or download “Stockbit” app on you mobile! Click on the sign up or join now icon, pick either to register from facebook or via email, select your primary market, fill up your details, key in the SMS verification code and voila! you’ve set up your account with Stockbit.

SUMMARY: Stockbit is your perfect sidekick in the stock market!

To sum up, here are some of the advantages Stockbit offers:

  1. Social: Stockbit believes that investment and trading are better done with a community. Retailers do not possess the monetary capacity, nor more importantly, the information like that of big institutions, hence the idea of helping each other to bridge that information gap is very important. Plus, it’s always fun to make more like minded friends and to learn together!
  2. Innovative & Simple: Stockbit strives to be as pleasing to the eye as possible. Furthermore, the platform has the flexibility to constantly improve itself to cover and suit everyone’s needs. We are how we are today due to the constant feedback of our users. Do let us know what we can improve on together!
  3. One platform fits all: Whether you’re new to trading or already have some experience; a short-term trader or long-term investor- Stockbit has the community, information, and analytical tools you need to fulfil your trading and investing needs.

Stockbit is now ready and available for the Malaysian market.