[Event Seminar] A Simple and Smart Way in Stock Investing with Joeliardi Sunendar / by erwin handono

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About The Speaker:

Joeliardi Sunendar

Joeliardi Sunendar

Joeliardi, graduated from Faculty of Economy, University of Indonesia. Starting with his early career in some multinational corporations, he has over 35 years experience in the financial service industry. In the early 1990 until 2000, he served as Director and Board members of securities house, finance companies, insurance company and a bank in Indonesia. He managed to float the shares of 2 finance companies at the Jakarta Stock Exchange. He is now Komisaris Utama of PT DanaProperti and PT DigitalKeuangan Indonesia, both companies engaged in fin-tech platforms. He also currently serve as a board member of Cloudaron, KLSE - listed Company.

Joeliardi is one of the top users in Stockbit and regularly answering several investing questions from other users. You can check his profile in Stockbit @JS76115 or you can read several ebooks he wrote in Stockbit in Stockbit Ebook.

Key Learning Modules:

  • Equity Investing – The Basic

  • Buffett – The SuperInvestor

  • The Buffett Way – A smart and simple way in Stock Investing

  • Understanding why Buffett choose the respective stocks in his portfolio

  • Applying Buffett’s investment principles in Indonesia and other major stock-markets

  • Is the Buffett’s Way the only way to succeed in stock investing?

Event Detail

Date: Saturday, 28 July 2018

Time: 13.00 - 17.00

Venue: EV Hive D.Lab, Jl. Riau No.1, Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta 10350 (map)

Fee: Early Bird (SOLD OUT), 1.000.000 (14 - 25 July 2018)


1. Free access to Stockbit Pro for 3 Months
2. Cashback 250.000 for trading account opening in Stockbit
3. Coffee Break (Coffee and Snack)
4. E-certificate

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Q: Who should attend this event?

A: Everyone, either you just want to start investing or you are already invested in stock market.

Q: I don't understand anything about stock market, can I attend this event?

A: Yes, you will get a sense of stock investing and you can meet and connect with other investors. 

Q: How I can get the cashback?

A: You need to open a brokerage account from Stockbit partner (Sinarmas Sekuritas) and after your account is ready, we will send the cashback to your RDN.

Q: I already have a stock account with other brokerage, do I need to open an account from Stockbit to get the cashback?

A: Yes

Q: Can I get my refund back if I am not able to make it last minute?

A: No.

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